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Lab Activities

Congratulations, Dr. Pietz!

Harlan's thesis defense

Harlan Victor Paul Storm King

Harlan's thesis lunch

Welcome Lunch for Eriko

Eriko's welcome lunch

Jean and Anna (twinning)

Jean and Anna

Meg, Jean, and Masa - Summer of 2022

Meg Jean Masa

Vincent Graduates! May 2022

Vincent graduates

Congratulations, Dr. Kieuvongngnam!

Vincent and Jue

Cold Room Spring Cleaning 2022

Mike's Farewell Dinner - March 3, 2022



Chen/Mackinnon Lab Outing to Bear Mountain State Park - October 21, 2019


Chen Lab Members Volunteer at Science Saturday Booth - May 4, 2019

Science Saturday

Science Saturday


Chen Lab 2017


Staten Island Yankees

 August 2016: At a Staten Island Yankees game!

Learning new cryo-EM techniques


March 2016: Learning new cryo-EM techniques


October 2015: Lab vist to Wave Hill Park in Riverdale!



Wave Hill

Wave Hill

Wave Hill

Wave Hill





Celebrating a lab birthday!

Lab birthday

The Chen lab in 2015!

In July, the lab took a island cruise tour of New York as a going-away party for lab member Shanshuang Chen, who's moving on to exciting new projects at OHSU.

In the past, we've gone rafting, ice skating, and more!

Congratulations, Dr. Pietz!Welcome Lunch for ErikoJean and Anna (twinning)Meg, Jean, and Masa - Summer of 2022Vincent Graduates! May 2022Congratulations, Dr. Ki