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ATP Pirelease Assay

ATP/NADH Coupled ATPase Assay with Synergy Neo Multi-Mode Reader

Bacmid Transformation

Cell Culture Room General Protocol

Chen Lab Chemical Inventory

Chen Lab Vectors and Cell Stocks [UPDATED 1.29.18]

Creating A Stable Cell Line

Cloning into Pichia vectors

Cloning Protocol Summary

Competent Cells

convert the csv file generated by cryosparc to a star file

Cytotoxicity assay

DH10Bac Cells Protocol

DNA Precipitation

FEITecnaiG2 Protocol


Gen 2 BLU Bioreactor Manual

Generation of Baculovirus Protocol

GFP Nanobody Protocol

HEK 293S Transfection


Hi-Speed Plasmid Maxikit

HisTEV Protocol

In-Gel Digest Protocol for Mass Spec

Insect Cell Transfection

ISAC Protocol

ITC Sample Preparation Guidelines

MalEFGK2 trapping protocol

mCherry Nanobody Protocol

Negative Staining EM Protocols

PreScission Protease Protocol

Preparation of CHS Stock

Preparing Quantifoil Grids 

Protocol for high efficiency chemically competent Ecoli

QIAPrep Mini Spin

reconstitution protocol Chen lab

RIC/HEK and Insect Cell Culture Protocols

Sartorius Virus Counter

Shanshuang's Protocols

Shimadzu Protocol, New Machine

Shimadzu Protocol, Old Machine

Superdex Tricorn Manual

Superose Tricorn Column Manual

Transformation into Pichia

Transformation of DH10Bac cells; Isolating Bacmid DNA; Virus Expansion

Transient Transfection

UVP Imager Guide 

Virus Expansion

Vitrobot Rules














AKTA FPLCP ProtocolATPase Assay ATP Pirelease AssayATP/NADH Coupled ATPase Assay with Synergy Neo Multi-Mode ReaderBacmid TransformationCell Culture Room General ProtocolChen L