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Lab Life


The MacKinnon Lab

July 2019



Group lab photo July 2019


The RU Pumpkin Carving Contest 2018

The Winner - The MacKinnon Lab!

Pumpkin contest

A team effort

Dr. MacKinnonstein!



A day in the life at the MacKinnon Lab - June 2018


The boss and our newest awesome lab member, Gonzalo!

Rod and Gonzalo

The best there is - Ernie!

The best there is - Ernie!


Working hard, or hardly working?!  Ha!  (I think it's obvious)

Three guys in a row


Emily, Yusong and Chen

The gals


Chia-Hsueh and Ji

Chia-Hsueh and Ji





Weiwei and Gonzalo

Weiwei and Gonzalo






Chen/MacKinnon 2017 Holiday party  


Watching, not playing

Before the limbo


Rod took a tumble

Rod took a tumble!



Zach's balancing act!


Ji Sun






MacKinnon Lab Members July 2017


MacKinnon Lab Members July 2017


A day in the life at the MacKinnon Lab

Rich, Weiwei, Kouki, Josefina  


Chen and MacKinnon labs

 July 2015 BBQ

Rich at grill 







                                        Rich at the grill

Rod at the grill

Rod's attention to detail

Rod, Jue, and Arwen










Rod, Jue and Arwen

Kouki mastering his grilling skills


Around the grill

Around the grill

Xiao and Arwen

Xiao and Arwen  
The venue

The venue

 A good laugh

A good laugh

 For the grill

                               Vegetables to grill                             

Weiwei and Zhenwei

 Zhenwei and Weiwei (our photographer)




The best ribs ever!




Holiday Get-together 2014

MacKinnon and Chen Labs - The Faculty Club

Annie, Ken

Annie and Ken

Rod, Zhenwei, Dan

Rod, Zhenwei, and Dan

Jue and Ji

Jue and Ji

Ernie, Chris

Chris and Ernie

Joel, Jon, Eunyong

Joel, Jon, and Eunyong

Youngjin, Sarah

 Youngjin and Sarah

The main event

Our awesome photographer, Weiwei


The MacKinnon Lab

March 2013

MacKinnon Lab March2013



"The Birth of Another Professor"

Peng's Last Day, August 2013

Good luck in St. Louis!!

LabPhoto August 2013



2013 Holiday Party

December 2013


Holiday Party 1         

Preparing the Holiday Ham

            Holiday Party 2




                   Holiday Party 3     

  Holiday Party 4

 The MacKinnon LabJuly 2019   The RU Pumpkin Carving Contest 2018The Winner - The MacKinnon Lab!A team effortDr. MacKinnonstein!  A day in t