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We have developed and validated new methodology to help those interested in the role of RNA binding proteins in biology and disease. (Science. 2003 Nov 14; 302(5648):1212-5) CLIP stands for Cross Linking and Immunoprecipitation, and was developed and validated by Kirk Jensen (now at University of Adelaide), Jernej Ule (MRC Cambridge) and Aldo Mele in our laboratory. We have applied CLIP to covalently cross-link and purify RNA:protein complexes from intact tissues (brain), and to sequence small RNA tags bound by the protein of interest. We are pursuing ways to make CLIP assays more efficient and more applicable to studies of brain RNA binding proteins, and continue to make improvements to the method (Methods. 2005 Dec;37(4):376-86). In 2008 Donny Licatalosi successfully applied HIgh Throughput Sequencing to CLIP (HITS-CLIP) to develop a genome wide map of Nova-RNA interactions in the mouse brain (Nature. 2008 Nov 27; 456:464-469).

More recently, Sung Wook Chi successfully applied HITS-CLIP to decode a precise map of microRNA binding sites to brain mRNA transcripts (Nature, 2009). Ago data and method can be found here.

Download CLIP Method (pdf) accompanying Science 2003

Download new CLIP Method (pdf) accompanying Methods 2005