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Jeffrey V. Ravetch, M.D., Ph.D.
Theresa and Eugene M. Lang Professor

Jeffrey V. Ravetch, M.D., Ph.D. Dr. Ravetch dissects the cellular and molecular mechanisms that govern the generation of antibody specificity and the translation of that specificity into cellular responses. By identifying the genetic components that cause immune system cells to respond to specific antibodies, Dr. Ravetch hopes to gain a better understanding of how a functioning immune system protects organisms from invaders, and how a dysfunctional immune system attacks the body's own tissues. More

Dr. Ravetch on BioTechniques

Juan Angulo-Lozano
Postdoctoral Associate

Maria Baez
Research Assistant

Bhagwattie Bhagwandin-Colosi
Research Assistant

Emily Boder
Research Assistant

Sara Borghi
Guest Investigator

Stylianos Bournazos
Research Associate Professor

Joseph Colagreco
Nurse Practitioner

Meghan DiLillo
Senior Manager, Grants, Finance, and Clinical Programs

Julia Edgar
Research Assistant

Marc Feldmann
Visiting Professor

Christopher Gaffney
Visiting Fellow

Aaron Gupta
Biomedical Fellow

Itziar Ibarlucea Benitez
Postdoctoral Associate

Andrew Jones
Research Associate

Kevin Kao
Biomedical Fellow

David Knorr
Visiting Assistant Professor

Katherine Knorr
Instructor in Clinical Investigation

Ka Yee (Emily) Lam
Laboratory Manager

Alessandra Marino
Research Assistant

Adriana Martin Mozqueda
Research Assistant

Tiffany Martinez
Research Assistant

Roger Matthews
Temporary Helper

Juan Osorio
Visiting Assistant Professor

Ruben Peraza
Research Specialist

Nicole Pihlstrom
Research Assistant

MD Redwan Sheemanto
Laboratory Helper

Patrick Smith
Director, Laboratory and Research Operations

Catherine Somoza
Research Assistant

Polina Vaitsenfeld
Research Associate

Kajsa Westberg
Visiting Student

Rachel Yamin
Research Associate

 Jeffrey V. Ravetch, M.D., Ph.D.Theresa and Eugene M. Lang ProfessorE-mail: Dr. Ravetch dissects the cellular and molecular mechanisms that govern the generati