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Short Courses given by Jurg Ott and his associates

Initially, these courses were about genetic linkage analysis, mostly to give course participants hands-on training in the use of the LINKAGE programs as these were difficult to use. Later, additional software was incorporated and the topic broadened to include genetic association analysis and, more generally, statistical genetic mapping of disease susceptibility variants.

Alist of all courses may be found here. For many years, Advanced Courses in the U.S. were supported by a grant  to Dr. Ott from the National Center for Human Genome Research, NIH. More recently, a teaching grant to Dr. Suzanne Leal as its PI has been supporting advanced courses. More detailed information about some of the courses may be found in the Linkage Newsletters. I have been supported in my teaching efforts by many of my students and more senior colleagues, most notably Joseph Terwilliger and Suzanne Leal, my first two students.