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CDG: Closest Disease-causing Genes

An online resource for the identification and discovery of gene-disease associations.

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A major challenge in medical genomics is to select new potential disease-causing genes from patients' next generation sequencing data (NGS) when the genes obtained had not been previously associated to any phenotype.

To facilitate the discovery of novel gene-disease associations, the CDG database and server provide the putative biologically-closest known disease-causing genes (and their associated phenotypes) for 13,005 human genes not reported to be disease-causing. And, for any list of diseases, their predicted associated genes. CDG also reports the 5,430 known gene-disease associations if corresponding.


When using the CDG server or database, please cite the following article:

David Requena, Patrick Maffucci, Benedetta Bigio, Lei Shang, Avinash Abhyankar, Bertrand Boisson, Peter D. Stenson, David N. Cooper, Charlotte Cunningham-Rundles, Jean-Laurent Casanova, Laurent Abel, and Yuval Itan. (2018) CDG: an online server for detecting biologically closest disease-causing genes and its application to primary immunodeficiency. Frontiers in Immunology 9:1340.


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An online resource for the identification and discovery of gene-disease associations.CDG online servers:CDG server based on HGMDCDG server based on OMIMCDG databases:CDG predicted gene