Neuroimmunology and Inflammation Program

Karen Bulloch
Research Associate Professor

The Neuroimmunology and Inflammation Program, headed by Dr. Karen Bulloch, in conjunction with the Harold and Margaret Milliken Hatch Laboratory of Neuroendocrinology, characterizes a novel immune cell population, termed brain dendritic cells, in the normal and diseased central nervous system. Dendritic cells, initially discovered by the University's Dr. Ralph Steinman and Dr. Zanvil Cohn, are essential in orchestrating the body's immune response to pathogenic and toxic antigens. Dendritic cells also play an important role in maintaining tolerance in the body to protect against autoimmune diseases.

Brain dendritic cells were identified using a transgenic mouse model developed at the University (Linquist et al., 2004), which expresses enhanced yellow fluorescent protein under the control of the CD11c gene promoter (a marker for dendritic cells throughout the body). Dr. Bulloch and the program's scientists further characterized brain dendritic cells in neonatal, young, adult and aging brains, as well as, their presence following seizures and stroke. It was further shown that brain dendritic cells are competent inducers of the T cell immune response.

Currently, the program's scientists are working on evaluating the function of brain dendritic cells following viral infection and in mouse models of inflammation and neurodegenerative diseases. Additional work is being carried out on understanding the role of these cells in development and in neuroendocrine-immune interactions, with our colleague Dr. Peter Harry Jellinck.

Some of the program's early data indicates that these cells respond to points of injury and infection in the brain. It is our goal to elucidate the mechanisms of response and develop new targets for therapies for a wide range of CNS damage.

Relevant Publications

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