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Past Record of Training

Previous Postdoctorates and their highest ranked position after leaving the laboratory
(In chronological order, first to most recent, top to bottom) 

Previous Graduate Students and Their Highest Positions Achieved
(In chronological order, first to most recent, top to bottom)

Marchuk D, B.S. U Mich.; Ph.D. 1985. Professor, Dept. Human Genetics, Duke Univ.

Tyner A, B.S. Indiana U;. Ph.D. 1987. Professor, Dept. Human Genetics, U Illinois.

Raychaudhury A, B.A. Calcutta U.; Ph.D. 1988. Res Instructor, Rush Medical School

Kopan R, M.S. Tel Aviv U.; Ph.D. 1989. Professor, Depts Medicine and Genetics, Washington Univ., St. Louis.

Rosenberg M, B.A. Univ. Rochester; Ph.D. 1989. Staff scientist, National Cancer Institute.

Lersch R, B.A. Univ. Chicago; Ph.D. 1991. Postdoc w/ Tom Kline, Berkeley; current position unknown.

Stellmach V, B.A. Northwestern U; Ph.D. 1991. Instructor, Northwestern Univ. Medical School.

Vassar R, B.A. U Chicago; Ph.D. 1992. Staff scientist, Div Neurosciences, Amgen Biotechnology, California. Professor, Northwestern Univ. Medical School.

Leask A, B.S. U British Columbia; Ph.D. 1992. Professor, Univ of Western Ontario.

McCormick B, B.S. U Wisconsin; Ph.D. 1992; Asst. Professor, Dept. Pharmacology, Univ. of Wisconsin.

Letai A, B.S. Princeton Univ.; Ph.D. 1993; M.D., 1995. Assoc. Professor, Dana Farber Cancer Center, Harvard Medical School.

Chan Y-m, B.A. U Chicago; Ph.D. 1995., Asst. Professor, Geisinger Hospital, PA; Senior Scientist, Protein Therapeutics Group McColl-Lockwood Laboratory for Muscular Dystrophy Reseach Dept of Neurology, Carolinas Medical Center.

Guo L, B.A. Roosevelt Univ.; Ph.D. 1995; MD, Yale Medical School. Asst Professor Plastic Surgery, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Med Sch.

Dowling J, B.A. Yale Univ.; Ph.D. 1999; M.D. Program, U Chicago. Internship, U Penn.  Asst Prof, Dept Pediatric Neurology, Univ. Michigan.

Smith E, Ph.D. 1999; MBA 2005, U Chicago. Somax Consulting, Illinois.

DasGupta R, B.A. Cambridge Univ., England; Ph.D. 2002 U Chicago. Asst Professor, Cancer Institute, NYU Med Sch.

Kaufman C, M.D./Ph.D. UChicago. Internship/residency, Harvard Medical School.

Vaezi A, M.D., Univ. of Geneva, Switzerland; Ph.D. U Chicago. Residency in Surgery, Univ. Pittsburgh Med Sch.

Bolotin D, M.D./Ph.D. UChicago. Residency in Dermatology, U Chicago.

Rhee H, B.A., Northwestern Univ.; M.D./Ph.D. Rockefeller U(Ph.D., 2006)/U Chicago (M.D., 2008), Resident, Stanford.

Tinkle C, B.A. Univ of Texas at Austin; M.D./Ph.D. Rockefeller U/Cornell Med Sch, (Ph.D., 2009) (M.D., 2010); Internship/Residency, UT Austin/UCSF.

Nowak J, BA, University of Chicago, 2001. MD/PhD, Rockefeller U/Cornell Med Sch, (PhD, 2009) (MD 2010); Internship/Residency, Instructor Asst Prof, Pathology Harvard Med. School.

Cook K, BA Columbia, HHMI Medical Scholar 2010-2011; MD NYU, Derm Resident Yale U. 

Livshits G, BA Brandeis. PhD 201.  Scott Lowe’s lab postdoctoral fellow (MSKI).

Chang C-Y, BA Taiwan National University. PhD 2013. Gerry Crabtree lab postdoctoral fellow (Stanford).

Heller E, BA Columbia University. PhD 2014; Xiaowei Zhang lab postdoctoral fellow (Harvard).

Ouspenskaia T, McGill University. PhD 2016. Aviv Regev postdoctoral fellow (MIT).

Asare A, BA University of Pennsylvania, 2009. MD/PhD student. PhD. 2016. MD 2018.

Adam R, BA University of Graz 2011. PhD 2017 (Anderson Cancer Center Fellow). Regeneron Staff Scientist.

Lay K, BA Imperial College of London 2009. PhD 2017 (ASTAR Fellow). Postdoctoral fellow, Singapore.

Yang H, BA, MS KAIST, Korea, PhD Rockefeller University 2017. Asst Professor KAIST, Korea.

Larsen S, BA Univ of Pittsburgh. PhD 2017. Richard Tsien lab postdoctoral fellow (NYU).

Baksh S, BA Univ of Pennsylvania. MD/PhD student. PhD 2020. MD expected 2022, Weill Cornell Medical School.

Truong C, BA Stanford, HHMI Medical Scholar 2018-2020. MD Baylor, Internship NYU.

Infarinato, N BS Georgia Southern Univ. PhD 2021. Medical Wrtier, Precision Scientia.

Hurwitz B, BA Ohio State. MD/PhD student. PhD 2021. MD expected 2023, Weill Cornell Medical School.

Previous Postdoctorates and their highest ranked position after leaving the laboratory(In chronological order, first to most recent, top to bottom) Hanukoglu I, Ph.D. Univ. of Wisconsin. Prof