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Select Honors and Awards

Elected To Honorary Societies:

American Academy of Arts and Sciences ('94)
Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences ('94), National Academy of Sciences ('96)
American Academy of Microbiology ('97)
German Society of Dermatology ('01)
Harvey Society ('04)
Fellow, New York Academy of Sciences ('04)
American Philosophical Society ('05)
Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science ('08)
EMBO Foreign Member (equivalent of the European National Academy of Sciences) (’10)
Fellow, Academy of the American Association for Cancer Research (’13)
Academy of American Society of Cell Biology ('16)
*Pontifical Academy of Sciences (appointed by Pope Francis, ‘18)
National Academy of Inventors (’19)
**Foreign Member, The Royal Society (’19)


Honorary Doctorate of Science Degrees:

Mt. Sinai School of Medicine at New York Univerisity ('03)
University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana ('06)
Albany Medical College ('15)
Harvard University ('16)



Univ. Illinois:  Phi Beta Kappa, Agnes Sloan Larson Award, Reynold Clayton Fuson Award, James Scholar, Bronze Tablet (top3% of class), graduated w/highest distinction in the curriculum.

MIT:  Damon Runyon-Walter Winchell Cancer Research Fellow.

University of Chicago:  Andrew Mellon Fellow ('81), Searle Scholar ('81-'83), NIH Career Development Award ('82-'87), Presidential Young Investigator ('84-'89), Nation's 100 brightest scientists under 40 (Science Digest, '84), Nation's Outstanding Scientists, White House ('85), R.R. Bensely Award (Amer. Association of Anatomists, '88), Searle Scholar Alumnus Award ('91), NIH Merit Award (93-), Endowed Professorship ('93-), Montagna Award (Soc. Invest. Dermatology, '95), Keith Porter Lecture (ASCB '96), Senior Women's Career Achievement Award (ASCB '97), Convocation Address, (U Chicago, '99), Hermann Pinkus Memorial Lecture (Amer. Acad Derm '00), Richard Lounsbery Award (National Academy of Sciences, '01), Cartwright Award (Columbia. '02).

Rockefeller University:
2000-2005:  Cruikshank Award Lecture (Gordon Research Conferences, '02), Richard Lounsbery Lecture (Sackler Symposium on Regenerative Medicine, NAS, '02), Novartis Award in Biomedical Research shared with Phil Sharp and David Botstein ('03), Honorary Doctorate of Science Degree (Mt Sinai School of Medicine and New York University, '03), Distinguished Visiting Scientist (Singapore, '04), Dickson Prize in Medicine ('04)

2006-2010:  FASEB Award for Scientific Excellence ('06), Beering Award ('06), Lecturer, College de France (by Invitation of the Assembly of Professors) ('08); Rothschild-Yvette-Mayent Visiting Scholar of the Institut Curie ('08); Visiting Scholar, Phi Beta Kappa ('09-10), NIH MERIT Award ('09-'18), National Medal of Science ('09), L'Oreal UNESCO Awards For Women in Science ('10)

2011-2015:  Madison Medal (Princeton U, '11), Passano Award ('11), Albany Medical Center Prize ('11), March of Dimes Prize ('12) American Skin Association Lifetime Achievement Award ('13), Kligman-Frost Leadership Award, Society of Investigative Dermatology ('13), Pasarow Award for Cancer Research (‘13), Distinguished Alumni Award, Downers Grove High School (’14), Pezcoller Award for Cancer Research (’14), Convocation Address Albany Medical College ('15), EB Wilson Award, American Society of Cell Biology ('15).

2017-present:  Vanderbilt Prize ('17), Ricketts Award (U of Chicago, '17), McEwen Award for Innovation (International Society for Stem Cell Research, '17), Commissioned Portrait: Princeton University’s Hall of Distinguished Alumni ('19), National Academy of Inventors ('19), Princess Takamatsu Cancer Research Fund Award of Merit ('19), *G. H. A. Clowes Award (AACR, '19).


Honorary/Named Lectures (2012-present):

2012: McCaskey Lecture (USC), Dean’s Lecture (UTexas), Benning Lecture (University of Utah), 13th Annual Cell & Developmental Biology Lecture (Stonybrook), Stem Cell Workshop (Vatican, Rome)

2013: Chipperfield Lecture (MIT), Mautner Lectures (UCLA), Alicia Showalter Reynolds Lecture (John’s Hopkins U), Griem Lecture (U Chicago), Adam Neville Lecture (U Dundee), Ann McLaren Lecture (ISSCR), Severo Ochoa Lecture (Madrid)

2014: NIH Director’s Lecture (Bethesda, MD), Methusalem Lecture (Leuven, Belgium), Lacy Lecture (Washington U), Stan Korsmeyer Lecture (Padua Italy), Kroc Lecture (Cal Tech), Raffaele Tecce Lecture (Rome)

2015: Director’s Lecture (UC Berkeley Stem Cell Institute), NIH MRSP Lecture , Louis Levine-Gabriella de Beer Lecture in Genetics (CUNY), Northwestern Research Day Lecture , Whipple Lecture (U Rochester), Pearson Lecture (U Rochester), Beatrice & Jacob Cohn Lecture (Johns Hopkins U), Bennett Lecture (UBC, Vancouver), Distinguished Cancer Lecture (Harvard), Lerner Lecture (Yale), Friedrich-Merz-Stiftung Professorship (Goethe Institute)

2016: Bornstein Lecture (U Wash), John Wood Memorial Lecture (Bradford England), Aspen Cancer Ideas Lecture (Aspen Cancer Conference), Pioneer Lecture (Wood’s Hole), Distinguished Lecture (MD Anderson), Bashour Lecture (UTSW), President’s Lecture (Lubbock), Sackler Lectures (Academy of Medicine, London and Cambridge University), Vallee Foundation Lecture (IRB Barcelona)

2017: Distinguished Lecture (CNIO Madrid), Marchionini Lecture (Hamburg), Novy Lecture (UC Davis), Discovery Lecture (Vanderbilt U), Aser Rothstein Lecture (U Toronto), Cyma Rubin Women in Science Lecture (Cornell U Med Sch), Distinguished Lecture (UCLA), Distinguished Lecture (Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation), Ricketts Lecture (U Chicago), Barton Childs Lecture (Johns Hopkins U), Henry Maso Lecture (Soc. Cosm Chemists)

2018: Naidorf Lecture (Columbia U), Gould Lecture (Rutgers), Distinguished Lecture (NIEHS), McClintock (CSHL)

2019: Princess Takamatsu Lectureship (Tokyo, Keio, Kyoto U), Max Birnsteil Lecture (IMP, Vienna); Kewaunee Lecture (Duke); Lasker Public Lecture (Edinburgh)


Keynote Lectures, Plenary Lectures at Major Scientific Meetings (2012-present):

American Society of Cell Biology Annual Mtg:  Keynote Address, (’13).

Gordon Conferences:  Cell Adhesion ( ‘12); Epithelial Biology ’13, Keynote: ’15); Keynote Address, Stem Cells & Cancer Gordon Conference (Les Diablarets, Switzerland, ’13; Ventura CA ‘15); Cell Signaling and Polarity (Vermont, ’16); Nasopharyngeal Cancer (’16), Cell Growth & Proliferation Keynote Session (’17); Stem Cells and Their Niche (Keynote ’18), Extracellular Matrix (Keynote ’19).

Keystone Symposia:  Stem Cells (’11); TGFβ Signaling (Keynote:’11); Organogenesis and Stem Cells (’12), Transcription and Small Non-coding RNAs (’12); Keynote Address: Immune Plasticity (’13); Cancer and Stem Cells (Banff, ’14); Cancer & Metastasis (Florence, ’19).

ISSCR Annual Meetings:  Plenary Symposium (Yokahama, ‘12); Plenary talk, Regional ISSCR Meeting (Florence, ’13); Presidential Symposium ISSCR, (San Francisco, ’16); McEwen Lecture for Innovation ('17).

Cold Spring Harbor Symposia/Meetings:  Organogenesis & Development (’12); 60th Anniversary of the Discovery of the Double Helix of DNA (’13); Stem Cells & Development (’13).

Royal Society:  Genes and Development (’12); Cell Polarity (’13).

American Association for Cancer Research:  AACR Annual Mtg Plenary Sessions (’12, ’13; ’15); Pezcoller Lecture (’14). World Congress in Dermatology ('15), Presidential Symposium, AACR Annual Mtg (’16); AHG Clowes Lecture (’19).

World Congress in Dermatology:  Keynote Address ('15).

Princess Takamatsu Cancer Symposium: Tokyo ('16, '17, '19).


Keynote Lectures at Other Meetings/Symposia (2012-2017): 

2012:  Government’s Symposium on Cancer and Stem Cells (Mexico City), World Science Festival NYC, Columbia University Graduate Student Retreat, International Society for Cell Biology (Rio de Janeiro), European Society for Dermatological Research (Venice); Cancer and Stem Cells Meeting (Heidelberg)

2013:  International Mtg on Hair Research (Edinburg); Stem Cell Symposium (Rutgers)

2014:  NYU Stem Cell Symposium; Ohio State Symposium on Stem Cells and Translation

2015:  German Cancer Symposium (Heidelberg), U Wisconsin MD/PHD Retreat, Mammalian Synthetic Biology Workshop (MIT), Medical Center Symposium (Basel), European Cell Biology Meeting (Bologna),

2016:  Biology PhD Student Retreat (Austin), Developmental Biology PhD Student Retreat (Harvard), WNT meeting (Brno, Czech Rep.), DFKZ Cancer & Stem Cell meeting, U Michigan Graduate Student Rereat, Epigenetics (Mainz), BMP Signaling (Harvard), ASCB/CSCB meeting (Hefei)

2017:  Symposium Honoring Susan Lindquist (MIT), Neurofibromatosis Annual meeting (Washington, DC), German Consortium of Stem Cell Biologists Annual Meeting (Jena, Germany), ENABLE Symposium (Barcelona)

2018:  Harvard Epigenetics Symp, DFKZ Symp on Cancer & Stem Cells (Heidelberg), GRC on Stem Cell Niches, ASCB Stem Cells Under Stress, Alopecia Areata, Yale Immunobiology Retreat

2019:  UNM Research Day, Regional Developmental Biology Mtg (Woods Hole)


Plenary Lectures at Other Meetings/Symposia (2012-present)

Stem Cells and Cancer (Barcelona, ’12); EMBO Members meeting (Heidelberg, ’13); NYSTEM (NYC, ’14), Italian Cell Biology meeting (Bologna, ’15); Nuclear Reprogramming and Cancer (UCSD-Nature Genetics, ’16); Princess Takamatsu Cancer Symposium (Tokyo, ’16, ’17, '19)


Additional Seminars (2012- present)

UCSF, University of Pennsylvania (3X), Vanderbilt University, Fred Hutchison Cancer Center, Dana Farber Cancer Institute (2X), UT Southwestern Dallas, Weizmann Institute (Rehovot), Genentech, University Wisconsin, Cornell University (Ithaca), California Institute of Technology, Salk Institute, Duke University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2X), Harvard Medical School (2X), Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, University of Virginia, National Jewish Medical Center, New York University (2X), University of Massachusetts, McGill U; Stower’s Institute; University of Pittsburgh, Yale University, Columbia University (2X), MD Anderson, Pasteur Institut, Ohio State, Johns’ Hopkins University, Stanford U; Friday Lecture, Rockefeller University, Novartis, University of Illinois Chicago, Albert Einstein, National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health, Pfizer, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories, Wistar Cancer Institute, Thomas Jefferson University, Max Planck Institute (Dresden, Freiburg), Cancer Center (Harvard Medical School), U Milan Cancer Institute, U Vienna Cancer Institute, University of Toronto, INSERM (Marseilles), Crick Institute (London), IRB Barcelona, Virginia Commonwealth, Calico, Toronto Derm Society, Case Western, Washington U, University California Irvine; University of California Berkeley; Stanford University, Rockefeller University, University of North Carolina (2X), University of San Francisco, University California San Diego (3X), Buck Institute, Surrozen, University of California Los Angeles (2X).

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