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ProFound is a tool for searching a protein sequence collections with peptide mass maps. A Bayesian algorithm is used to rank the protein sequences in the database according to their probability of producing the peptide map.

ProteinInfo is a collection of tools for retrieval and analysis of protein sequences. The capabilities of the analysis tools include peptide mapping, mass spectrometric fragmentation analysis, disulfide mapping, etc.

PeptideMap is a tool for finding modifications on polypeptide sequences. The modifications can be affecting single amino acids (e.g. phoshorylation or oxidation) or cross-linking two amino acids (e.g. disulfide bonds or chemical cross-linking reagents).

PepFrag is a tool for identifying proteins from a collection of sequences that matches a single tandem mass spectrum.

X! Tandem
X! Tandem is a tool for identifying proteins from a collection of peptide sequences that matches tandem mass spectra.

X! Hunter
X! Hunter is a tool for identifying proteins that matches tandem mass spectra to a library of spectra that have been confidently assigned to a particular peptide sequence.

GPMDB is a database of tandem mass spectra and their assigned peptide sequences. It is designed to aid in the difficult process of validating peptide MS/MS spectra.

NCDIR Strain Database
The National Center for Dynamic Interactome Research (NCDIR) Strain Database