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Chapter 9: Type III Secretion and Effectors


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Press Samples

Using x-ray vision, he keeps his eye on the bacteria
The New York Times  [pdf]

Geniuses at work
New York Daily News [pdf]

C. Erec Stebbins awarded prestigious EUREKA grant

Bacterial Protein Mimics Its Host to Disable a Key Enzyme
Science Daily

ICAAC Young Investigator Awards [pdf]

Study Illuminates How The Plague Bacteria Causes Disease Medical News Today


Threading a narrow needle
Chemical & Engineering News; 79:45. [pdf]

Rockefeller researchers solve structure for deadly bacterial toxin, Drug Discovery & Development [pdf]

Battle against terror gains silicon ally Stebbins helps bring power of "distributed computing" to bear on biowarfare
news & notes [pdf]

Structure of a DNA attack
The Rockefeller University Scientist [pdf]

The democratization of supercomputing
The Scientist, 17: 30. [pdf]

Student Theses

Shyam Bhaskaran 2010 [pdf]
Yun Hsu 2008 [pdf]
Gerd Prehna 2007 [pdf]

Erec Stebbins (1999) [pdf]