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Located on Manhattan’s Upper East Side in the small oasis in the urban jungle called the Rockefeller University, The Laboraotry of Structural Microbiology is situated in the Bronk Building, 6th floor.  There are two rooms of laboratory space (total 1256 ft sq area). There are four shared equipment rooms on the floor, including an autoclave, a darkroom, and two cold rooms.  Major computer resources in the laboratory include several SGI workstations, multi-processor Apple Macintosh computers, and a 16 node (32 processor) Linux cluster. The onsite crystallographic resources include two rotating anode X-ray generators equipped with cryo-cooling systems. In addition, the facility has two robots for high throughput automated crystal screen generation in 96 well format (Formulator by Formulatrix) and for setting up protein drops in 96 wells (Phoenix robot from Art Robbins). The Rockefeller University, along with the neighboring institutes of Cornell Medical College and The Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, reserves synchrotron beam time at Brookhaven and Argonne National Laboratories.