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Current Lab Members

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Rachel Belote
Graduate Fellow
E-mail: rbeloteATrockefellerDOTedu

Marina Bleck
Research Associate
E-mail: fixmATrockefellerDOTedu

Sergio Botero
Graduate Fellow
E-mail: sboteroATrockefellerDOTedu
I am interested in reconstructing cell processes from a computational and an in vivo perspective. I like this approach since the reconstructed models can have many technical applications besides the understanding about the process they are built to represent. Right now I'm working on endocytosis and nuclear transport.

Rachel Chiaroni-Clarke
Research Assistant
E-mail: rchiaroniATrockefellerDOTedu
I am a tech working on a range of projects in the lab.

David Darcy
Visiting Clinical Fellow
E-mail: ddarcyATrockefellerDOTedu
Visiting Fellow in the Simon Lab from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Doing research for two years on hiatus from general surgery residency at Montefiore Medical Center of Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, NY.

Caroline Gleason
Research Assistant
E-mail: cgleasonATrockefellerDOTedu

Marcello Im
Administrative Assistant
E-mail: immATrockefellerDOTedu

Michelle Itano
Postdoctoral Associate
E-mail: mitanoATrockefellerDOTedu
Michelle's work focuses on studying the dynamic interactions between cells and viruses, specifically by using and developing advanced imaging-based approaches to study the biogenesis of single HIV-1 virions in live cells.

Melissa Jarmel
Graduate Fellow
E-mail: mjarmelATrockefellerDOTedu
Melissa is a first year graduate fellow who is broadly interested in imaging an aspect of cancer metastasis.

Daniel Scott Johnson
Postdoctoral Associate
E-mail: djohnsonATrockefellerDOTedu
I am developing new microscopy techniques as well as studying viral particle formation.

Thomas Mcdonagh
Graduate Fellow
E-mail: tmcdonaghATrockefellerDOTedu

Joshua S. Mincer
Visiting Fellow
E-mail: jmincerATrockefellerDOTedu
Theoretical and computational modeling of complex biological systems at long timescales; integration of theory and experiment; specific interests: anesthesia, nuclear pore complex, HIV assembly, ClpX.

Joan Pulupa
Graduate Fellow
E-mail: jpulupaATrockefellerDOTedu

Sanford Simon
E-mail: simonATrockefellerDOTedu

Constantin "Nick" Takacs
Graduate Fellow
E-mail: ctakacsATrockefellerDOTedu
I am setting-up live cell imaging tools for analyzing viral assembly at the single particle level.

Michael Tomasini
Postdoctoral Associate
E-mail: mtomasiniATrockefellerDOTedu