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Research Projects

New Tools for Exploring the Dynamic Interactome

Diagram illustrating the nuclear information pathway.
Diagram illustrating the nuclear information pathway.

In this project, we seek to revolutionize proteomics by synergistically combining improvements in established techniques with new approaches. To accomplish this, we are collaborating with several laboratories to develop the methodologies required to study other aspects of the nuclear information pathway within yeast and other organisms. First, we are devising methods to determine the normal flux of structural proteins & regulatory factors that together comprise dynamic segments of the genome. Second, we are following the course of RNA after transcription, as it is processed, packaged & exported from the nucleus; in particular, we are focusing on the accessory proteins that process rRNA during its maturation into ribosomal subunits. Finally, we will expose how two pathogenic human viruses, HIV & CMV, subvert their host's genetic information pathway & supplant it with their own, causing cell death and even defects in cell cycle control that lead to oncogenesis.
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