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NIH-NIDA Center of Excellence - Treatment of Addictions: Biological Correlate

Our NIH-NIDA Center of Excellence, "Treatment of Addictions: Biological Correlates" (P60-05130; P.I. - Mary Jeanne Kreek) comprises a unique and synergistic combination of preclinical and clinical research scientists, associated with Rockefeller University and Cornell University. The overall goal of the Center is to further our understanding of the biological processes associated with the pathology of addiction and its treatment. Since it's inception, in 1989, the Center has been engaged in bidirectional translational research, incorporating animal models, state-of-the-art molecular investigation techniques, clinical investigations and human genetics.

Key developments and findings by our Center include:
Discovery of the A118G variant as a functional SNP of the mu opiod receptor
Determination of upregulation of the mu opioid receptor in response to chronic cocaine
Development of scale for accurate phenotypic assessment of addiction
Association of substance abuse and C17T SNP of the mu opioid receptor
Development of "addiction-like" extended-access self-administration rodent models
Association of A118G mu opioid receptor SNP with heroin addiction
Demonstration of nalmefene as having partical kappa agonist activity in vivo
Altered kappa-opioid receptor activity during methadone maintenance therapy

Key collaborators of the Center:
Jane Aldrich
David Allis
Jean Bidlack
Julie Blendy
Kathleen Brady
Lawrence Brown
Brian Chait
Paul Greengard
Malcolm Low
Martin Markowitz
Bruce McEwen
Daniel Mucida
Fred Nyberg
Jurg Ott
Nina Papavasiliou
Donald Pfaff
John Pintar
Thomas Prisinzano
Stephen Ross
John Rotrosen
Rajita Sinha
Tom Tuschl
Ellen Unterwald

The Center is composed of Research Projects and Cores, with research performed primarily at Rockefeller University and Weill Medical College-Cornell University.

Current Center research scientists include:

Mary Jeanne Kreek, MD
Eduardo Butelman, PhD
Yong Zhang, PhD
Virginia Pickel, PhD
Ann Ho, PhD
Brian Reed, PhD
Yan Zhou, PhD
Orna Levran, PhD
Stefan Schlussman, PhD
Roberto Picetti, PhD
Vadim Yuferov, PhD
Dmitri Proudnikov, PhD
Brenda Ray, NP
Elizabeth Ducat, NP
Matthew Randesi
Diane Lane, PhD
Michael Glass, PhD