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Research Participation Information

We are currently recruiting participants for research studies investigating the genetic causes of pediatric neurological brain disorders.


Enrollment Criteria

  1. Patients diagnosed with a brain developmental disorder and their family members.
  2. Blood, saliva, or DNA samples from patients, parents, and any brothers and sisters.
  3. Copy of medical records and any MRI or CT scans.

Please click to watch Dr. Gleeson's welcome message:

Welcome to Gleeson Lab website from Gleeson Lab on Vimeo.


Downloadable Research Forms

We will cover ALL costs associated with the study. All results are confidential and we will release results only to you (if you request them). We will NOT release your results to your doctor or your insurance company.

If you are interested in learning more about our research, please contact our clinical research coordinators by e-mail at or by phone (212) 327-7467.

Please click to watch Dr. Gleeson perform a skin biopsy:

How to perform a skin biopsy from Gleeson Lab on Vimeo.