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Statistical Physics

E.G.D. Cohen
Professor Emeritus

E.G.D.Cohen We are a statistical physics group at the Rockefeller University in New York. Prof. E. G. D. Cohen and co-workers have been studying the theoretical description of small, micro and nanoscale, systems at short time scales. The aim is to use our expertise as theoretical physicists to look at new fundamental physical properties of small, nanoscale systems. By developing new equations to describe phenomena in space and time regimes for which hitherto there are no theories, we hope to understand the possibilities and inherent limitations of devices at such small scales, as well as which effects are potentially harmful or troublesome for their functioning.


"For his fundamental contributions to nonequilibrium statistical mechanics, including the development of a theory of transport phenomena in dense gases, and the characterization of measures and fluctuations in nonequilibrium stationary states."