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Current research support (PI de Lange):

NIH RO1 GM49046; Molecular Cytology of Human Telomeres: Telomere Protein. 5/1/93 to 6/30/15

NIH RO1 AG16642; Mechanism of the telomeric proliferation limit. 5/1/99-6/30/14

NCI RO1 CA160924; The role of telomere-related tetraploidization in cancer. 8/15/11 to 5/30/16

NCI RO1 CA181090; Regulation of DSB repair by 53BP1. 12/15/13 to 11/30/18

Emerald Foundation; Unraveling ALT to improve cancer diagnosis and treatment. 12/15/13 to 11/30/14

Breast Cancer Research Foundation; Genome instability and the onset of breast cancer. 10/1/03 to 09/30/14

American Cancer Society Research Professor; The role of telomere dynamics in human cancer. 1/1/10 to 12/31/14