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Current Members

Stewart Barnes
Laboratory Administrator

Postdoctoral Fellows and Associates


Nazario Bosco

Ph.D. University of Rome/Sapienza
Thesis: Common fragile sites: structure, replication and their role in chromosome instability
Advisor: Franca Pelliccia

Postdoctoral Fellowships:
American-Italian Cancer Foundation 2011-2012

Research Interests:
The role of TRF1 is mediating telomere replication.

Nazario's Publications

Ylli Doksani

Ph.D. The Open University, Walton Hall, Milton Keynes, UK. 2008
Thesis: Mechanisms Responding to DNA Double Strand Breaks During S-Phase
Advisor: Prof. Marco Foiani

Postdoctoral Fellowships:
Merck Fellowship 2010-2011
Life Sciences Research Foundation 2011-2014

Research Interests:
The role of t-loops in telomere biology.

Ylli's Publications


David Frescas

Ph.D. New York University, New York, 2008
Thesis: The JmjC-domain Containing Histone Demethylases KDM2A and KDM2B are Transcriptional Repressors of RNA Molecules Encoded by DNA Repeats
Advisor: Dr. Michele Pagano

Postdoctoral Fellowships:
American Cancer Society Fellowship 2010-2012

Research interests:
The molecular role of TIN2 in dyskeratosis congenita

David's Publications


Yi Gong
Research Associate

PhD UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, 2006
Thesis: Mechanistic dissection of Insig-1, a master regulator of cholesterol homeostasis.
Advisors: Dr. Michael Brown and Dr. Joseph Goldstein

Postdoctoral Fellowships:
Anderson Cancer Center Postdoctoral Fellowship 2007-2009

Research interests:
DNA damage response.

Yi's Publications


Tatsuya Kibe

PhD: Shizuoka University, 2007
Thesis: The novel role of fission yeast RPA in telomere maintenance.
Advisor: Dr. Masaru M UenoS, Shizuoka University, 2004

Research Interests:
DNA damage and the relationship between telomere structure and cell cycle.

Postdoctoral Fellewships/Awards:
Research Fellow of Japan Society for the Promotion of Science 2006
Toyobo Biotechnology Foundation Fellowship 2008

Tatsuya's Publications


Katja Kratz


PhD: ETH Zurich, 2010
Thesis: Biochemical characterization of KIAA1018/FAN1, a novel endonuclease involved in interstrand cross-link repair
Advisor: Dr. Josef Jiricny

Postdoctoral Fellowships:
EMBO Long-Term Fellowship 2012-2013
Women & Science Fellowship 2013-2014

Research Interests:
Mechanistic insights into repression of ATR signaling at telomeres by shelterin.

Katja's Publications


Francisca Alessandra Lottersberger

PhD: University of Milano-Bicocca, 2008
Thesis: Functions of Saccharomyces cerevisiae 14-3-3 proteins in cell cycle regulation and DNA metabolism
Advisor: Dr. Maria PIa Longhese

Postdoctoral Fellowships:
Women & Science Fellowship 2008-2009

Research Interests:
Identification of new factors involved in DNA damage response and telomere maintenance.

Francisca's Publications


Courtney Lovejoy
Helena Rubinstein Postdoctoral Fellow

Ph.D. Vanderbilt University Nashville, TN, 2009
Thesis: Replication Dependent Mechanisms of Genome Maintenance
Advisor: Dr. David Cortez

Postdoctoral Fellowships:
Anderson Cancer Center Postdoctoral Fellowship 2010-2011
Department of Defense Breast Cancer Research Foundation 2011-2014

Research Interests:
Telomeric inhibition of DNA damage response signaling.

Courtney's Publications



John Maciejowski


Ph.D. Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, 2013
Thesis: Chemical genetics reveals novel Mps1 functions and identifies substrates in mitosis
Advisor: Prasad V. Jallepalli

Research Interests:
How telomeres maintain genome stability.

John's Publications



Isabelle Schmutz


Ph.D. University of Fribourg, Switzerland, 2010
Thesis: Molecular functions of the mammalian clock component PERIOD2
Advisor: Urs Albrecht

Postdoctoral Fellowships:
Swiss National Science Foundation Fellowship, 2011-2012

Research Interests:
Regulation of PARP1 activity at telomeres.

Isabelle's Publications


Hiro Takai
Research Assistant Professor

PhD: The University of Tokyo Graduate School of Science, 1995
Thesis: Studies on the regulatory mechanisms for the initiation of sperm motility in marine and freshwater teleosts.
Advisor: Dr. Masaaki Morisawa

Research interests:
Regulation of PIKKs by Tel2

Post Doctoral Fellowships/Awards:
Charles H. Revson Fellowship 2002-2003

Hiro's Publications



Michal Zimmermann

Ph.D. Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic, 2013
Thesis: Protein-DNA interactions involved in regulation of telomere maintenance
Advisor: Ctirad Hofr

Research Interests:
the role of Rif1 in controlling resection at double-strand breaks.

Michal's Publications


Graduate Students

Shaheen Kabir
Graduate Fellow

BS in Biology, Haverford College, Haverford, PA 2005
Thesis: Characterizing S. cerevisiae strains Sch9as, ∆KKQ8 and ∆CRF1

Shaheen's Publications


Roos Anna Karssemeijer
Graduate Fellow

BSc in Biomedical Sciences, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2008
MSc in Immunity and Infection, Utrecht University, The Netherlands 2010

Research Interests:
Characterizing the role of 53BP1 in the DNA damage response at telomeres

Women and Science graduate fellow 2011-2012
Helmsley Graduate Fellow 2012-2013
Boehringer Ingelheim PhD Fellowship 2013-2015

Roos' Publications



Research Assistants

Adriana Garzon
Lab Manager

M.A., City College of New York, 2008

M.S., Universidad de los Andes, 2001


Rosaura Mejia
Lab Helper


Kaori Takai
Research Assistant

M.S., Hunter College of the City University of New York, 2006

Kaori's Publications


Devon White
Animal Technician II