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The Obesity Weight Loss Study: Reversal of obesity-associated inflammation and crown-like structures with acute weight loss

Recent studies identified the crown-like structure (CLS), a necrotizing adipocyte surrounded by proinflammatory macrophages and lymphocytes, as a key pathological feature of obesity-associated inflammation as well as a harbinger of metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease and possibly worsening breast cancer outcomes. We will study 10 post-menopausal women with initial BMI 35-50 before and after a 10% weight loss achieved with a Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) over a 6 to 8 week period, with baseline and endpoint white adipose tissue (WAT) and skin biopsies as well as blood and urine sampling for metabolic phenotyping. We hypothesize that weight loss will result in decreased numbers of CLS and inflammatory cytokines in adipose tissue with decreased signs of inflammation by immunohistochemistry in adipose tissue and skin biopsies, providing additional motivation for encouraging weight loss in obese individuals in the context of breast cancer treatment regimens.

Jose Aleman,