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Head of Laboratory

Sean Brady, Associate Professor


Laboratory Members

Paula Calle, Laboratory Manager

Christophe Lemetre, Bioinformatics Specialist

Zachary Charlop-Powers, Visiting Scientist

Bradley Hover, Visiting Scientist

Louis Cohen, Guest Investigator

Andreia Estrela, Postdoctoral Associate

John ChuPostdoctoral Associate

Neev Antonovsky, Postdoctoral Associate

Mahmoud Ahmadi, Postdoctoral Associate

Kipchirchir Bitok, Postdoctoral Associate

Seonghwan Kim, Postdoctoral Associate

Vincent Libis, Postdoctoral Associate

Wanli Lu, Postdoctoral Associate

Aleksandr Milshteyn, Research Associate

Toshiki Nakashige, Postdoctoral Associate

James Peek, Postdoctoral Associate

Olivia Pilling, Research Assistant

Carolina Santamaria, Research Assistant

Melinda Ternei, Research Assistant

Xavier Vila Farres, Postdoctoral Associate

Zongqiang Wang, Postdoctoral Associate

Ian Woodworth, Research Assistant

Changsheng Wu, Postdoctoral Fellow

Dominic Colosimo, Postdoctoral Associate

Jeffrey KohnPostdoctoral Associate

Mary Abaskharoun, Administrator


Head of LaboratorySean Brady, Associate Professor Laboratory MembersPaula Calle, Laboratory ManagerChristophe Lemetre, Bioinformatics SpecialistZachary Charlop-Powers, Visit